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Essential Tips Regarding The Preparation Of Beef Jerky

There are many companies that deals in making of beef jerky but a person can decide to cut the cost by making their beef jerky. It is important to use the right techniques on how to make a good beef jerky. It is important to take into consideration some of the tips that will help you come up with a great beef jerky.

Ensure that you are using the right meat as not all meat are good for beef jerky. The meats cuts are different hence the need to look for the one that is suitable for beef jerky. The fats are not good when we are preparing the beef jerky; therefore, it is important to use the meat that has low fats. Make sure that the meat that has much connective tissue is not used in your recipe. The the best jerky is the one that is made from meat cuts that have fewer fats and connective tissues. Many butcheries in your area avail the best meat that can be used to make a good beef jerky. It is important to be keen on meat selection as this will determine the kind of meat jerky that you are going to get.

Make sure that you have followed the correct steps while preparing the meat jerky. When you are cutting your jerky, make sure that you are careful so as to get perfect pieces. Make sure that the roast is frozen to about two-third frozen. The intention of freezing the meat is to make it firm so that it can be sliced. Ensure that you have a sharp knife and slice the meat across the grain of the muscle and make it thin as possible. when you want to achieve a thin piece of meat, make sure that you are keen and slow in your cutting for accuracy and perfect cut. When you achieve the smallest slice, the flavors will penetrate easily, and the jerk will be tender when eating it. If the meat is thaw or becoming hard, it is important to freeze it again to obtain the firmness that is needed for consistency.

The the recipe is full with the marinade hence the need to choose the best for a perfect taste. Many flavor combinations are available in the market but it is essential to choose the basic one when you are making the beef jerky for the first time. Drying the meat is critical, and one can achieve it through open fire, sun, smoker or even oven as it plays a vital role in making the best beef jerky. The food dehydrator is the best for drying as it uses small amounts of energy and it makes the house to smell as jerky as it dries the meat.

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