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Detailed Syllabus of the MHT CET 2018

After filling in the MHT CET application form 2018, here is the syllabus for every subject:


  1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  2. States of matter : Gases and liquids
  3. Structure of atom
  4. Periodic table
  5. Redox reactions
  6. Chemical equilibrium
  7. Surface chemistry
  8. Nature of chemical bond:
  9. Hydrogen:  s-Block elements
  10. Basic principles and techniques in organic chemistry:  .


  1. Diversity in Living World
  2. Structure and function of cell
  3. Plant Physiology
  4. Structural organization in plant
  5. Kingdom Animalia
  6. Organization of Cell
  7. Study of Animal Tissues
  8. Study of Animal Type
  9. Human Nutrition
  10. Human Respiration
  11. Human skeleton and Locomotion
  12. Genetic Basis of Inheritance
  13. Gene: its nature, expression and regulation
  14. Biotechnology: Process and Application
  15. Enhancement in Food Production
  16. Microbes in Human Welfare
  17. Photosynthesis
  18. Respiration
  19. Reproduction in Plants
  20. Organisms and Environment -I
  21. Origin and the Evolution of Life
  22. Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
  23. Genetic Engineering and
  24. Human Health and Diseases
  25. Animal Husbandry- Management of Farms and Farm Animals, Dairy, Poultry, Animal Breeding, Bee-Keeping, Fisheries, Sericulture, Lac culture
  26. Circulation
  27. Excretion and osmoregulation
  28. Control and Coordination
  29. Human Reproduction


  1. Trigonometric functions
  2. Trigonometric functions of compound angles
  3. Factorization Formulae
  4. Locus
  5. Straight Line
  6. Circle and Conics :
  7. Vectors- localized vectors, types of vectors, zero vector, unit vector, equality at vectors, negative of a vector, collinear vectors, coplanar vectors, coinitial vectors, like and unlike vectors, scalar multiple of a vector, triangle law, parallelogram law, polygon law, properties of addition of vectors,
  8. Linear Inequations
  9. Determinants
  10. Matrices
  11. Sets, Relations and Functions
  12. Logarithms
  13. Complex Numbers
  14. Sequences & Series-  sequence, A.P., Sum of first n terms of A.P., properties of A.P., geometric progression – introduction, general term, sum of the first ‘n’ terms, (n terms from the end of G.P.) containing finitely many terms & sum to infinite terms, properties of G.P., H.P. as a special type of A.P, Means
  15. Permutations & combinations
  16. Mathematical Induction and Binomial
  17. Theorem
  18. Limits
  19. Differentiation
  20. Integration
  21. Statistics
  22. Probability- Types of events – events and algebra of events, axiomatic definition of probability, mutually exclusive and exhaustive events, mutually exclusive events, addition theorem – for any two events A and B, Result on complementary events. Conditional probability – definition, multiplication theorem, independent events, Baye’s theorem, odds in favour and against.
  23. Three-dimensional geometry- Direction cosines and direction ratios: direction angles, direction cosines, direction ratios, the relation between direction ratio and direction cosines, the angle between two lines, the condition of perpendicular lines.
  24. Line
  25. Plane
  26. Linear programming problems- Introduction of L.P.P. definition of constraints, objective function, optimization, constraint equations, nonnegativity restrictions, feasible and infeasible region, feasible solutions
  27. Limits
  28. Differentiation
  29. Applications of derivative
  30. Integration
  31. Applications of definite integral
  32. Differential equation
  33. Statistics
  34. Probability distribution
  35. Bernoulli trials and Binomial distribution


  1. Kinetic Theory of Gases and radiation
  2. Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei
  3. Oscillations
  4. Rotational Motion
  5. Electrostatics
  6. Electromagnetic Induction
  7. Magnetic Effects of Current
  8. Semiconductors
  9. Wave Motion

Top 10 personality traits you should develop to be an IAS aspirant

The decision to prepare for the IAS exam is often easy for many since the position of an IAS holds the highest respect among the majority of the people. However, the follow through is quite difficult. Several aspirants are often left disillusioned within weeks of beginning preparation while others quit as soon as the going gets tough. The exam requires a certain level of commitment and dedication that is often hard to cultivate. Here are 10 personality traits that you must develop to be a successful IAS aspirant:


1. Be Driven

This means that you should be passionate about clearing the examination and becoming an IAS officer. Do not prepare if your forced to, rather make a careful decision whether you really want to. This drive will be the difference between your success and your failure in the exam.

2. Be Disciplined

Follow a particular timetable and stick to it. Answer writing must be practiced daily. There should be no delays in attempting mock question papers. A dedication of 2 hours of study requires entire two uninterrupted hours and not one with breaks and distractions.

3. Be Adaptive

Any changes in syllabus or any break in regularity should condition you to adapt to the given situation and respond accordingly. This will help you maximize your efficiency. This trait comes in handy during the Mains exam when one is often pressed for time and has to take decisions on the order in which the questions should be attempted.

4. Be Responsive

You will be getting a lot of feedback for your practice answers and tests. Learn from it and try to incorporate the best ideas in your answers. This will help you improve continuously and adapt the best from all that is given.

5. Be able to think Critically

Critical thinking is the hallmark of an IAS aspirant. The ability to think critically not only serves well in the answer writing but in the entire preparation. It will help you decide what is essential and what isn’t from the perceptive of the exam. This is crucial as there is no end to study material for this examination.

6. Be humble

Humility is not only the number one trait required of a civil servant but the most desirable trait in any human being. Preparing for the exam doesn’t make you superior in any way. This knowledge will be of use only if you are wise enough to use it for the betterment of the people and not for their belittlement.

7. Be Aware

This means not only awareness of the world and society in general but of your own individual self. Only you can judge your strength and weaknesses accurately. A good judgement in this regard will enable you to form a study plan suited to your level.

8. Be Fearless

The exam requires a dedication that is only matched by the service that comes after your selection. Long periods of study and occasional failures will lead to the growth of self-doubt. You should have the emotional capability to set it aside and just focus on your goal. This fearlessness is also essential for those who are afraid to write an answer fearing that it will not be what UPSC requires. Do not forget that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. If you don’t take the first step of starting answer writing, you will not be able to face the Mains papers.

9. Be Honest

There is no doubt that the exam will test your abilities to the extreme. You should be honest with yourself as to your ability to meet the demands of the exam and its preparation. Do not fool yourself into thinking that I will study it at the last minute. There is no useful input at the last minute and panic may derail your performance in the exam.

10. Be Tough

It does not only mean physically but mentally as well. The strain of the exam may often get to you with the prolonged duration of the exam. You should be able to handle it at each step of your preparation. This often requires the support of your family as well as peers. Moreover, physical toughness too is essential. Do not fall prey to bad habits that may result in poor health and destroy your ability to sit for the exam.

The journey of the IAS exam is often described as a fight with one’s own demons. It is only when these demons are bested that you can transform into someone who can succeed not only in this exam but any other challenges that life throws at you. We hope that these tips will help you create a better self while you prepare to achieve your dream of becoming an IAS.…

Four Ways to Manage Stress When Hunting for Job

Most of us have to struggle a lot to find the perfect job for us. While some people are lucky enough to find their dream jobs within months or days, it can be longer for others. The process of finding a job can be very stressful and if you are reading this post then most probably you are a little stressed too.

You are not alone in this. A lot of people are stressed out in the pursuit of employment.If you have a very specific certification like Tosca, you might get even more stressed over the thought of finding good-paying Tosca careers. So, we have compiled four ways to manage stress when hunting for a job. Have a look.

  1. Visualize

Your creative ability is a capable device, which can help you fight stress. When you’re feeling down about your hunt for employment, take your psyche back to a period where you achieved something. In some cases, it’s anything but difficult to overlook how magnificent we are as people when our pursuit of employment doesn’t go as planned. Setting aside opportunity to consider your achievements, abilities, and interests can help draw motivation for your questions and get you back on track.

  1. Pause for a Minute to Be Grateful

Regardless of whether you’re busy with looking for a job or have encountered long unemployed days, pause for a minute to feel grateful for your career. Despite your present status, make a list of events throughout your life that affected your profession. This list will fill in as an astounding suggestion to remain positive in your pursuit of finding employment.

  1. Call a Companion or Mentor

Calling a man you trust can help reduce the anxiety when you’re feeling down. It’s anything but difficult to stay away from the negative feelings caused by your employment hunt. Conversing with somebody will definitely help you stay positive and motivated. Your companion can inspire or motivate you with another point of view to apply to your hunt.

Conversing with your mentor is particularly very important as you feel tensed or worried about your future. He or she can help you cope up with the tension by strategizing your pursuit of employment. Express to him/her the issues you are facing and work with them to find an answer.

  1. Don’t Lose Hope If You Are Rejected

 Rejection is a very common part and parcel of life. In your pursuit of employment, if you are rejected, you should not lose hope or self-confidence. Everyone has to face rejection at some or the other in life.So,be ready to face rejections gracefully. It is always possible that you are rejected because you are not particularly suited for that job. Your skills and educational qualifications may be put to a better use in some other company. So, never take rejections personally.

Whether you are aiming at niche-specific jobs like tosca careers or a career in your dream company, the above tips can help you manage stress all through the process of your job hunting.…

An Exhilarating Way to Recuperate from the Exhaustion of Finals

If you are like most college students today then the last few weeks of school are some of the most trying and stressful days imaginable.  Not only are you overloaded with exams and term papers, but you also are involved in end-of-term parties and summer work or internship preparations. So, once you’ve finished the entire grind it is no wonder that you feel an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and weariness.  That is why you should take time to relax and enjoy some escape from the hassle.  One way to get that relaxation is by going on a post-spring break trip to some really exciting spots in Mexico.  At Experiencias Xcaret you can use a Groupon promo code for trips to Cancun, Xoximilco, Yucatan and the Riviera Maya.  You can register online and get tickets to Xenses park and activities for a single price that includes a buffet meal and free beverages.  You can also use a Groupon coupon to get discounts of up to 25% on all the attractions available.

The nature buffs can enjoy scuba diving, swimming with dolphins and diving in underground rivers.  Those interested in history can visit such sites as the famous Mayan temples at Chichen Itza and the archeological sites at Tulum.  Those who are more interested in cultural activity can participate in the local fiesta.  There is something for everyone at Xcaret, but most importantly, you have the opportunity to relax and escape from the stress of finals and school.  It is just the thing that you can enjoy, particularly before going to work or do a summer internship.  And what you experience can often become the basis for further study and research, particularly if you want to apply the things observed when visiting different cultural sites and archeological digs to the subjects you are pursuing in your own independent studies and research.  One might even see a way to use such experiences as the basis for some future thesis work.

So, take advantage of the rest and relaxation and use your Groupon promo code to sign up for a trip to Exeriencias Xcaret.  You will return refreshed and ready to take on the world with an entirely new outlook.…

Is College Athletes Deserve to be Paid?

Many budgets prepared for athletics in college. Sometimes the head coaches are paid millions of dollars to train athletic teams, but on the other hand, students who become athletes, sometimes just received a scholarship, even not rarely even some to go hungry because there was no budget for the athletes. Some people argue this is grossly unfair to the athletes. So, should college athletes be paid because of that. But some other people who assume that the athletes should be grateful, because they already get free education in today. Lecture facilities, education, literature books, and others can be enough compensation for athletes in college. Not to mention the budget that must be spent to pay these athletes will be taken from where?

Actually athletics in college can bring profit large enough to the college concerned. But if the athletes planned to be paid by the college, feared would happen NCAA massive exploitation of the black athletes. Because many of the background of poor families, shortages, and poor education. So that when this is done, it will have an impact on academic failure inevitable, college name would be bad for the percentage of students who experience academic failure is increasing. Or in the case could have been worse, these scholarships marred by the college itself. How to? The coach invites his students to enter the lecture hall is empty, then planned to make the curriculum shadow or false curriculum that does not really exist, or may be other ways that they can use to manipulate data.

However, strict control and allocation of funds are really on target, then it would be better if these athletes are paid with a budget that is already provided by the college. So there is no longer a story that circulated among residents that the college athletes starvation. Education is an important thing, so at least if there is free education was a natural thing. However, if there are scholarship students do not live with decent, even more difficult to eat every day, is not the name of the universities will also be bad in the eyes of the public? Just think about it.