The Advantages of Home Tuition

group of graduation students in the park looking happy

For many students, the tuition is complementary to what they are learning in school. This is because they can revise and ask the instructor or tutor what they do not understand or miss school. Parents chose to send their children to tuition to ensure their children studying and not spend their time in vain. Singapore home tuition one of the best tuition in Singapore.

There are two types of tuition that students usually go namely 1) in tuition, or 2) tuition at home, whether at home or at the home of the student’s own teacher.

Advantages of choosing for tuition at home:

  1. The concept of ‘one-to-one or small group
    The main advantage of choosing the tuition at home is that students will get the full attention of the instructor.
    We are aware that each student is unique, and not all students are quick to understand what is being taught in school. There are also students who do not have a solid foundation in the subject (example: not memorize multiplication tables for Mathematics) causes them to be slow to understand what was being taught. Sometimes, teachers in schools teaching too quickly due to be spent within the prescribed syllabus. This will lead to fewer students understand what is being taught in the classroom, especially for difficult subjects like Mathematics and Physics.

    As a result, there are students who fall behind and drop out, and the majority are students who are shy to ask them what they do not understand or do not know in the classroom. Over time these students will begin to despair, lose interest in learning, and finally got the results unsatisfactory in the examination. 

    With tuition at home, full attention is given a tutor to allow students to tutor know exactly what the students do not understand. Tutors can then teach the students so that they really understand, and provide exercises to test their understanding. This opportunity also allows the tutor to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student. For example, there are students who can not make something Math questions correctly and quickly, even understand what was being taught. Once identified, these students do not actually memorize multiplication tables, or unable to make mental simple as too dependent on calculators, or there is still confused with operations involving negative numbers and fractions. Having identified this loophole, tutors can help students find a way to overcome these weaknesses. (example: training students memorize multiplication tables, easy to train students without making mental calculators etc.). 

    This is to help students in their studies, and the results will be a learning process easier and fun. Private tuition also help students who are shy or afraid to ask questions in class to become more ‘daring’ to ask something tutor. When the tutor help them solve a problem, they will slowly build their confidence. Students will also be aware that they can actually solve the problems that others with more questions. This will add a ‘self-confidence’ in the students to overcome their shyness and fear of the future. Parents will be happy when the students began to show progress in their examination results.

  2. Flexibility in learning
    Home tuition is very flexible in terms of the learning system. Students can choose any topic or chapter they want to learn, without being bound by the syllabus or class schedule. They can choose to study topics that are difficult or who do not understand only and skip any topic that is understandable. This allows students who will sit for the Junior High School or Senior High School start making predictions and questions ‘over the past year papers’ in advance, and have sufficient time to discuss responses to the tutor, and then identify what vulnerabilities they must overcome. A study conducted on students who have excelled in their Junior High School before, among the factors of their success is making the questions Junior High School adequate training, and discuss their answers can be one to know how to get the right answer.

    In terms of time, students can choose the time and day they are comfortable to learn. If there are reasons for anxiety, tuition teacher can replace the tuition sessions at other times, without having to worry that they will be left out of any topic or subject. 

  3. Comfort and safety
    Most parents who have children in school, especially in the cities are very busy and do not have time to send and pick up students for tuition. By choosing to tuition in their own homes, students no longer need to go anywhere, thus saving time and energy. Parents also do not need to worry because the safety and comfort of their children are secure in their own homes. With tuition at home, parents can monitor their child’s educational development more closely. This is because they can always consult with the instructor, and the instructor can always report the latest achievements of their child’s learning.

In conclusion, by opting for home tuition, students will get the full attention of the instructor, get flexibility in learning and enjoy the comfort and safety while studying.