Aipmt 2016 syllabus Topic wise

Aipmt the All India Pre-medical test entrance exam which is given by most of the student who have interested in medical and who have scored good marks in their finals. Actually Aipmt was first launched for those students who are having very bad financial condition at home and is very hard to study medical for … Continue reading “Aipmt 2016 syllabus Topic wise”

Aipmt the All India Pre-medical test entrance exam which is given by most of the student who have interested in medical and who have scored good marks in their finals. Actually Aipmt was first launched for those students who are having very bad financial condition at home and is very hard to study medical for them, but if anyone crack this entrance exam then most of the thing will be free of cost as government will be taking care of you. This is all the facilities that you can get after cracking this exam, as you are thinking this exam is not that easy to crack one will need to study day and night to crack this examination.

If you are looking for appearing in the exam of apimt then you must be eligible to give this exam according to the rule that is being set from before. The rules is like that one must be 17 or more years of age in your admission time or eles you will not be able to appear for this exam. Not only this but your age will also should not exit more than 25 when you are going to admit in the college for first year. So this is some rule that is followed by this aipmt entrance exam.

The syllabus that I am talking about is being set by MCI which is a big centre for medical. The aipmt  2016 syllabus is one of the best syllabus till date than any other entrance exam as the syllabus was made by combining by many other entrance exam question. This is also one of those entrance exam that is very flexible with the student language because here you can appear in both English and Hindi format according to your wish.

 Today I am going to discuss about aipmt 2016 syllabus topic wise. Means I will describe in brief about the chapters for every subject and how to prepare for the exam. So keep patience and read it well.

Aipmt 2016 syllabus Topic Wise:

If you are talking about Aipmt entrance exam the =n you must have known that the main important  subject in medical science is biology, physicis & chemistry. So the same is with the exam the exam consists of only three subjects but the chapters are very huge especially for the Biology. This is to be normal because if you are studying medical then you must know every thing about the biological science.

 So now I am going to tell you about the chapters you need to prepare for the aipmt 2016. Sp here I go with the Aipmt 2016 syllabus topic wise.

As we have talked about topic wise I will update serially tarting with Biology then Physicis and then Chemistry.

Syllabus of Physics for Aipmt 2016:

In Physics you will totally have 20 chapters to study which is very much easy to study as you have already studied in your class 11 and 12. I am sure you will be easily able to finish all this 20 chapters with in some couple of days. The twenty chapters are as follows:

  1. Atoms & Nuclei
  2. Current Electricity
  3. Electromagnetic Induction
  4. Electronic Device
  5. Heat and Thermodynamics
  6. Magnetic effect of current and Magnetism
  7. Oscillation and Waves
  8. Properties of Bulk Matter
  9. Work energy Power
  10. Physical World & Measurement
  11. Optics
  12. Motion of system of particles and rigid body
  13. Laws of motion
  14. Kinematics
  15. Gravitation
  16. Electrostatics
  17. Electromagnetic Waves
  18. Dual Nature of Matter and radiation
  19. Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
  20. Alternating Currnet.

So this is all the twenty chapters of physics that you need to learn or practice if you are to crack Aipmt entrance exam. This is a bit difficult but I think you will be easily be able to do this chapters complete.

Syllabus of Biology For Aipmt 2016;

There are only 38 numbers of chapters in Biology which is very much less if you are comparing with other entrance board. The chapters are as follow;

  1. Animal Kingdom
  2. Biodiversity & Concervation
  3. Biomolecules
  4. Cell
  5. Chemical Control and Integration
  6. Digestion & absorption
  7. Environmental issues
  8. Excretory Products and their elimination
  9. Human reproduction
  10. Mineral Nutrition
  11. Morphology in flowering plants
  12. Neural control & coordination
  13. Photosynthesis
  14. Plant Kingdom
  15. Reproduction in Organisms
  16. Respiration in Plants
  17. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  18. The living World
  19. Transport in plants
  20. Structural organisation in Animals
  21. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants
  22. Reproductive health
  23. Principles of Inheritance and Variation
  24. Plant growth and development
  25. Organisms and population
  26. Movement and locomotion
  27. Molecular basis of Inheritance
  28. Microbes in Human Welfare
  29. Human Health disease
  30. Evolution
  31. Ecosystem
  32. Circulation of Body Fluids
  33. Cell Division
  34. Breathing and exchange of gases
  35. Biotechnology Principles and Processes
  36. Biological Classification
  37. Application of Biotechnology
  38. Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Syllabus of Chemistry for Aipmt 2016

If you are looking for some medical college for admission then I must suggest you to complete all this given chapters for all subject let it be any of them. Here below are the list of 29 chapters of chemistry.

  1. Alcohols, ethers and Phenols
  2. Biomolecules
  3. Chemical Kinetics
  4. Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
  5. D and F Block elements
  6. Environmental Chemistry
  7. General Principles and processes of Isolation of elements
  8. Hydrocarbons
  9. Organic Chemistry-Some basic Principles and Techniques
  10. P-block Elements
  11. Redox Reaction
  12. Solid state
  13. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  14. Structure of Atom
  15. Thermodynamics
  16. Surface Chemistry
  17. States of Matter-Gases and Liquids
  18. Solutions
  19. S-Block Elements
  20. Polymers
  21. Organic Compound Containing Nitrogen
  22. Hydrogen
  23. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  24. Equilibrium
  25. Electrochemistry
  26. Coordination Compounds
  27. Chemistry in Every day Life
  28. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  29. Aldehydes, Ketones & Carbohydraulic Acids

So this is all the Aipmt 2016 syllabus topic wise. I have given all the chapters of every subject and how to crack this entrance exam for taking medical stream. This are all the chapters that you are to study or prepare for the exam from before. So students best of luck for your carrier. Keep studying and never give up in small failures. Thank You.